DescriptionFlareCMESolar WindParticleIn situ/RemoteSolarIPSGEOPlanet
NGDC H-alpha Flare List       
Kanzelhoehe Solar Observatory H-alpha Flare List       
GOES Soft X-ray Flare List       
GOES SXR flares from SSW Latest Events (gevloc)       
NOAA Solar Energetic Event List       
TIMED/SEE EUV Flare Catalog       
STEREO/EUVI Event List       
Solar Demon Flare Detection [SDO/AIA]       
Yohkoh/HXT Hard X-ray Flare List [Sato et al., 2006; supplemental]       
RHESSI Hard X-ray Flare List       
Fermi Gamma-ray Burst Monitor (GBM) Flare List       
Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) >100Mev Gamma-ray Event List       
Ulysses/GRB X-ray Flare List [Tranquille et al., 2009]       
Ulysses/GRB List of Solar Hard X-Ray Flares [Tranquille et al., 2009]       
Ulysses/GRB List of Solar Hard X-Ray Flares on the Far-side of the Sun [Tranquille et al., 2009]       
GOES strong flare with radio and CME associations, no SEP [Klein et al., 2011]      
Type III Radio Bursts for WIND/WAVES [HELIO HFC]      
Type III Radio Bursts for WIND/WAVES [HELIO HFC, Lev. 3]      
Trieste Solar Radio System (TSRS) Solar Radio Event List       
SOHO/LASCO CME Event List [CDAW]       
SOHO/LASCO Halo CME Events [CDAW]       
CACTus CME Catalogue for SOHO/LASCO       
CACTus Flow Catalogue for SOHO/LASCO       
CACTus CME Catalogue for STEREO-A/COR2       
CACTus Flow Catalogue for STEREO-A/COR2       
CACTus CME Catalogue for STEREO-B/COR2       
CACTus Flow Catalogue for STEREO-B/COR2       
CACTus (All) CME and Flow Catalogues for SOHO and STEREO       
SEEDS CME Catalogue for SOHO/LASCO       
SEEDS CME Catalogue for STEREO-A/COR2       
SEEDS CME Catalogue for STEREO-B/COR2       
SEEDS (All) CME Catalogues for SOHO and STEREO       
CORIMP CME Catalogue (Savitsky-Golay filter) for SOHO/LASCO       
CORIMP CME Catalogue (Quadratic fit) for SOHO/LASCO       
CORIMP CME Catalogue (Linear fit) for SOHO/LASCO       
SOHO/LASCO Halo CME with Associated Flare and Magnetic Storm List [Gopalswamy et al., 2009]     
Solar Demon Dimming Detection [SDO/AIA]       
SOHO/EIT Wave Transient List [Thompson and Myers, 2009]       
Large-Scale EUV Waves Observed by STEREO/EUVI [Muhr et al., 2014]       
Coronal Propagating Fronts (EUV waves) in Solar Eruptions (SDO/AIA) [Nitta et al., 2013]       
Coronal Propagating Fronts (EUV waves; SDO/AIA) [Nitta, on-line]       
Stream Interaction Regions (SIR) from STEREO-A/IMPACT-PLASTIC   I   
Stream Interaction Regions (SIR) from STEREO-B/IMPACT-PLASTIC   I   
Stream Interaction Regions (SIR) from STEREO-A/LET   I   
Stream Interaction Regions (SIR) from STEREO-B/LET   I   
Stream Interaction Regions (SIR) from Wind and ACE data [Jian et al., 2011]   I  
High-Speed Solar Wind Streams during Solar Cycle 23 [Xystouris et al., 2014]   I   
ISTP Solar Wind Candidate Event List   I   
WIND/MFI Magnetic Cloud List   I   
ICME and magnetic obstacle List from WIND/MFI and /SWE  I   
STEREO/HI CME Event List [R. Harrison]       
Solar Wind Transients (SIR, CME) from STEREO/HI, derived from J-Plots      
CMEs in the Inner Heliosphere [Manoharen, 2006]       
Mars-Earth Interplanetary CME (ICME) List [Falkenberg et al., 2011]   I 
Interplanetary CME (ICME) from STEREO-A/IMPACT-PLASTIC   I   
Interplanetary CME (ICME) from STEREO-B/IMPACT-PLASTIC   I   
Near-Earth Interplanetary CMEs (ICME) During Solar Cycle 23 [Richardson and Cane, 2010]   I   
Ulysses/SWOOPS Interplanetary CME (ICME) List [Ebert et al., 2009]   I   
Interplanetary Shock List from SOHO/CELIAS-PM  I   
Interplanetary Shock List from WIND/MFI  I   
Interplanetary Shock List from ACE  I   
Interplanetary Shocks from STEREO-A/IMPACT-PLASTIC  I   
Interplanetary Shocks from STEREO-B/IMPACT-PLASTIC  I   
Type II and IV Radio Burst Candidate List for WIND and STEREO       
Type II Radio Burst (WIND) and Associated CME (SOHO) List       
Type II Radio Bursts from WIND/WAVES [Cremades et al., 2007]       
NOAA GOES Solar Proton Event (SEP) List I  
SEP Events from STEREO-A/LET   I  
SEP Events from STEREO-B/LET   I  
SEP Events from STEREO-A/HET   I  
SEP Events from STEREO-B/HET   I  
Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter/CRaTER SEP (and GCR) Events   I  
Gradual SEP events (>60 MeV) [Barnard and Lockwood, 2011]   I  
Study of SEP Events of 1997-2006 [Cane et al., 2010]   I  
GOES strong flare and SEP list [Klein et al., 2011]  I  
SEP events (>25 MeV) observed at STEREO-A, -B and SOHO [Richardson et al., 2014] I 
MGS/ER SEP events at Mars, 1999-2006 [Delory et al., 2012]   I  
Mars Odyssey SEP Events [Zeitlin, et al., 2010]   I  
Mars Express/IMA SEP Events [Nemec et al., 2014]   I  
MSL/RAD SEP events during cruise to Mars [Wimmer-Schweingruber et al., 2013]   I 
NMDB Ground Level Enhancement (GLE) List   I   
CME-related Forbush Decrease Event List [E. Eroshenko]  I   
NGDC AA* Major Magnetic Storm   I   
NGDC Ap* Major Magnetic Storm   I   
NGDC Storm Sudden Commencement List   I   
NOAA/USAF Solar Active Region Summary List        
NOAA Daily Solar Data List